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Server starts in:

Welcome to the game!!

Hello, player!

Welcome to Oldera Online.

A dedicated host server, in the most stable (no reset) and competitive version, with Full Real Tibia map, including all NPCs, Port Hope, monsters and 100% RL Quests.

Are you ready for the adventure?


Client: 7.4

Map: 7.4 Global Full.


1 to 8 - 20x

8 to 20 - 10x

21 to 30 - 8x

31 to 40 - 6x

41 to 50 - 4x

51 to 80 - 3x

81 + 2x

Runes: 2x

Skills: 5x

Magic: 3x

Loot: 2x


  • No protection zone on all Boats and Rugs.
  • Vocations and Spells with Tibia formula 7.4.
  • Task System implemented.
  • Party Sharing Experience party experience earns 30% bonus (! Share).
  • Auto-stack items


  • Conjure Runes and 2x Ammo.
  • Conjure Runes in the backpack.
  • Burst Arrows based on magic level.
  • Mages conjure more runes. (e.g., adori vita vis = 2 SDs)
  • Damage increased by 10% for Knights and Paladins.


  • They do not sell runes.
  • You can buy Mana Fluid in bps: "buy bp mf"
  • You can buy Life Fluid in bps: "buy bp lf"
  • You can buy blank rune in bps: "buy bp br"
  • Rashid is obtained through the '' Postman '' quest.
  • Eremo sells Amulet of Loss.
  • Stone Skin Amulet does not sell on NPCs, droplets of monsters like Warlock and Hydra.

See you in game!